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MLM Tips and Training
1 5R of MLM Success Our founder Peter Fleming provides an easy-to-remember checklist of 5 key success themes, all starting with R (extracted from his book "The A2Z of Success in MLM" available thru this website)
2 5 Keys to Running Your MLM Business Our own Peter Fleming, Founder of provides some simple yet effective lessons that you can use right now to boost your MLM business
3 10 Great Reasons for Home Based Business Another article from Peter Fleming, founder of this website - something to enjoy and then share with your prospects as you continue to climb the ladder of MLM success!
4 5 Steps to Start a Successful Call - Every Time Let Michael Oliver share with you how to make prospecting over the phone that much easier - and with better results!
5 7 KILLER MLM Tactics on Building Personal Relationships The internet can be a cold place when trying to form new business relationships. This article halps you to make it that bit warmer!
6 9 Tips to Succeed in your MLM Business Let Dani Johnson provide you insights and 9 great ways to get your MLM business moving forward!
7 10 Ways To Jumpstart Your MLM Business Today Linda Locke, editor of MLM Woman Newsletter shares her remedies for helping you to get "unstuck" from a lull in your MLM business
8 20 Questions to Breathe New Life into your Business When we are running too fast and getting nowhere, it's good to STOP-CHECK-CORRECT-GO as suggested in the "A2Z of Success in MLM" eBook available thru this website. These 20 simple questions will help you get back on track!
9 50 ways how you can reach the top in MLM Do you want to get into the Top 20% of all distributors worldwide? Follow these tips and go for it!
10 A Special Leadership Training from Motivated Mike Let Motivated Mike share his story of the day his son changed his life for the better. There's a lesson there for us all.
11 Bill Gates addressing Students on Business Success 11 rules of business success as shared to a group of students, by Bill Gates, the world's richest man ... interesting stuff!
12 Build Yourself Into a True Leader Art Burleigh shares some valuable thoughts on leadership and how to inspire your prospects and team members
13 Built for Speed Discover how Mark Yarnell turned $179 into a $70 million a year MLM business - wouldn't you like your MLM business to have that sort of volume?
14 Changing The Way We Change Dr Peter Pearson helps us understand and overcome our fear of rejection which in turn improves our prospecting
15 Characteristics of High Performing Leaders Dave and Deanna Waters outline some great tips for prospecting and goal-setting ... two of the most important keys to a successful MLM business!
16 Conference Calling Etiquette Lisa Kitter Combs provides some great tips for getting the best results from your 3-way conference calls
17 Dialing For Dollars Rod Nichols provides insights on how to overcome the fear of cold-calling so we can make those 10 (or 20 or 50) calls a day that we promised ourselves to make so we can get real momentum in our MLM business!
18 DOUBLE_A_PENNY_EVERY_DAY This is one of the simplest ways to illustrate the power of leverage. Your ability to understand (and to make others understand) this concept is a key to succeeding in your MLM business.
19 Five MLM Recruiting Rules and A Lesson More great tips and lessons on achieving even greater success in your MLM business
20 Five Rules to Follow When Prospecting in Your Warm Market When Tim Sales is speaking or writing, all networkers would be well advised to sit up and take notice. In this Article, he gives strong insights about recruiting in your warm market
21 Five Traits of A Network Marketing Leader More tips about being a great MLM leader and thereby increasing your chances of achieving your goals
22 Flight of Geese - Lessons in MLM Teamwork MLM is definitely a team game so let's learn how to operate better as a team ... from nature's masters of teamwork: geese!
23 Getting a Yes in Network Marketing People Saying Yes! It's what we all want more of in MLM, right? More simple secrets to getting more of what you want
24 How to get professionals into your business You would think this subject could be 100+ pages but it's all in just one page. Once you "get" this, you will not fear prospecting any professional again!
25 How To Raise Your Own Salary When it comes to understanding Success, there's one name above all others: Napoleon Hill. This is just one pearl of wisdom from the master
26 Insider Secrets by Randy Gage In any shortlist of true MLM gurus, you will find Randy Gage's name. These 5 pages could be worth a million dollars to you
27 Jim Rohn on Discipline Jim Rohn has been called the world's leading business philosopher. Whatever he is saying, I'm listening and I'm taking notes
28 Just When You Think You Finished Contacting Everyone When you think you've exhausted all your contacts, Pete Zdanis gives you 31 more ideas to try
29 Leadership and Support from Your Upline Having difficulty training your downline to become leaders? They expect you to do all the work? Share this with them for a new perspective
30 Leadership versus Pushership Jack Zufelt gives more great insight into MLM leadership and convinces us we don't need to be pushy to succeed
31 MLM MASTERY More simple messages from our Founder. Create a poster for your team with this great 1-page chart!
32 My Upline Must Help Me NOW! Having trouble sorting out the real stars from the time-wasters in your team? This will help you sort things out!
33 Overcome The No-Time Syndrome Let Michael Clouse show you how to convince yourself (and others) that there is always enough time in the week for your top priorities!
34 Overcoming Objections Every one of us faces objections and, as John Goodman explains, 90% are common and they can all be handled effectively ... excellent for MLM newbies
35 PASSION is the Heart of Your MLM Business Passion! Nothing much really happens in an MLM business (or indeed in life) without it, so get the inside track!
36 Pay Yourself First David Bach, author of "Automatic Millionaire", explains this simple habit of paying yourself first which has made many people rich
37 Phone Script for Contacting your Prospects on your 200 Names List Got your prospect list in place but don't know what to say to them? This will help you and your team members know exactly what to say!
38 Power of Four Let Rob Horkings, a super successful MLM practitioner from Down Under, provide you and your team a simple lesson in leverage
39 Retaining What You Build - Nurturing Your Downline Mike Akins has been a successful MLM leader for ober 30 years and understands the need to nurture the team if lasting success is to be achieved
40 Sample Prospecting Scripts Like the title says, these are great, easy-to-understand prospecting scripts for you and your team to apply immediately!
41 Some MLM thoughts for the day - Zig Ziglar and John Hayes When Zig Ziglar and Dr John Hayes wrote Network Marketing for Dummies, they applied a lot of the lessons from success in life itself - here are a handful of their key lessons
42 Success is a Well Planned Day by Jim Rohn More Jim Rohn on managing time for success; this time joined by Mike Lemire ...
43 The Coming Network Marketing Boom Leonard Clements overcomes his own skepticism to reveal why MLM is set for a huge boom. More on this is available in "A2Z of MLM Success" available on this website
44 The Half-Dozen Things To Do Every Day More from Michael Clouse, this time on the half dozen things to do every day. We have tools available on this website that can help you get organised with this
45 The Serial Killer of Your Network Marketing Business Let Lon Lindsey, publisher of The Master Networker, outline some great tips on what to avoid in your MLM business
46 The Six Biggest Lessons of Leadership From the Last 2000 Years A wonderful look at leadership by Tom Wood and a must-read. What if you and your team could understand the keys to successful leadership in just 5-10 minutes?
47 The Top Ten Qualities of Leadership 10 more great leadership lessons from Hilton Johnson - definitely worth a few minutes of your time!
48 Top Ten Most Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make More wisdom from MLM Sales coach, Hilton Johnson - the title is self-explanatory
49 What Will My Friends Think by Robert Kiyosaki Best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki (with Sharon Lechter) shares his views on how to deal with the the thorny issue of explaining your MLM business to others
50 Who Do You Want in Your Network by Steve Siebold Insight from Steve Siebold about looking for quality in you MLM team. See also QUALITY in "A2Z of MLM Success" available on this website
51 Why Network Marketing by Paul Zane Pilzer If you have been in MLM for any length of time, you will surely have heard of Paul Zane Pilzer, whose work "The Wellness Revolution" and "the Next Trillion" are virtually every Networker's main tool to provide credibility to their MLM business. This article is a shorter version but contains the same wisdom that many of us have relied on for years
52 Winners versus Losers Sometimes the best lessons in life are the shortest and simplest. These few lines of wisdom may make a big difference to you and your results!
53 Your First Year in Network Marketing Another great article from Mark Yarnell. It's what you need to know about being successful in the first 12 months of your MLM business
54 3 BIG Mistakes Made by MLM Leaders Motivated Mike shares more of his MLM philosophy through these 3 key mistakes that MLM leaders must avoid
55 3 Successful Habits of the Richest Networkers in the World Bob Schwartz knows a thing or two about MLM success and these are 3 great habits that the top MLM guys have - shouldn't they become your habits too?
56 5 Simple Reasons Most People Will Never Get Rich Mike Litman shares powerful insights after interviewing 51 self-made millionaires and discovering some simple truths from which we can all benefit
57 7 Tips To Help You Build Better Relationships MLM is really a relationship business and if you can improve in this one area, your can multiply your results. Let Zig Ziglar and Dr John Hayes share their views with you
58 10 Phone Calls A Day Keeps The Job Away Robert Blackman's article uses the old "apple a day" saying and creates a theme of how you can apply the same kind of thinking to improve your MLM business
59 10 Tips That Will Help You on the Phone We spend a lot of time on the phone in this business. Here are 10 great tips to help you improve your success in this important activity
60 13 Ways to Boost Your Presentations Every one of us makes presentations of one sort or another - why not improve this critical skill with these easy-to-implement tips?
61 50 ways to get your MLM Business in High Gear The top 20% of MLM Pros worldwide apply these tips and techniques ... and in fact that's why they are in the top 20%. If you want to be part of that elite group, take a look
62 75 Positive Opening Questions Asking questions is sometimes not so straightforward and sometimes people get it badly wrong. Here are 75 openings for you to use whenever the need arises
63 200 Years of SUCCESS and SIX Lessons to Learn The US Marines have an awesome reputation. Motivated Mike (a former US Marine) shares how they earned it and how you can apply their 'recipe for success' in your MLM business
64 A Four-Year Contract for Financial Freedom This is a very short article but WOW! If you and/or your team members really 'get' this, it could be the breakthrough concept that you/they have been looking for
65 Achieving Success Requires Action We all procrastinate to some extent but the MLM success stories all feature one thing above all else: taking action
66 Achieving Success Through Your Single Daily Actions Let Dr Joe Rubino describe how you can have more MLM success with a few daily actions
67 Achieving Your Dreams by Jim Rohn Many MLM trainers start by asking: What is YOUR dream? Success guru Jim Rohn's article on the subject is simple yet profound
The Inspiration Corner for MLM Professionals
68 Deaf Frog - Some Words of Inspiration for MLM Professionals A great little inspirational parable about the power of belief ... and how it can transform our results - we can all get something positive from this!