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Tuesday, 23rd January 2018

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Important Policy Statement

In order to avoid trouble down the road, we need contributors to accept the condition that whenever an article is submitted to us, the contributor is explicitly agreeing that if/when we publish it, we are not violating any legal or ethical rights (relating to copyright infringement or any other rights) of the contributor, whether or not the contributor is the original author of the contributed article. In such cases (or even in suspected cases), we will certainly NOT accept such articles for publication.

The management of reserves the right to refuse to publish an article for any reason whatsoever and we will not accept any articles that violate original authors’ IP (Intellectual Property) rights. Period.

As authors ourselves, we respect the IP of others and our clear policy for publishing articles on our website without the original author’s proper permission or due credit is ZERO TOLERANCE.

While we can never be completely assured that no violation has taken place and sometimes things may inadvertently slip through the net, we will do everything in our power to avoid such violations.

If you are an author of an article on this website which you believe is presented in a way which violates your rights, pls advise us and we will take the necessary actions ASAP.

Note: it is acceptable to us if the original author has clearly indicated that although an article has been “copyrighted”, the original author allows reproduction and publishing, with say a specific wording at the end and/or in a particular format, (e.g. “This article may not be reproduced without full credit to original author” and/or “must be displayed in pdf format without any changes allowed” and/or “This article may be reproduced as long as it appears with the following credit ”), in which case, those conditions must be clearly indicated to us and we will fully respect them. We have included several articles already on this basis.

Aside from assuring us that such violations have not occurred, articles should (unless required to be in another format by the author) come to us for review in the form of:

MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, .jpg, .gif, .wmv

PDF. We discourage submitting articles in this format as we reserve the right to re-format the text so it is more easily readable on-line and PDF format should only be used if you are the original author of the article and/or the permission from the original author requires PDF format to be used

Publishing in these formats ensure that the majority of our members and visitors will be able to enjoy these articles without needing to download special software. Any other format will most likely not be acceptable for publication at this time, but please feel free to ask if in doubt.

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